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I walked into my office and heard the sweetest whisper, “there once was a little girl who Jesus loved so much…..” and with a smile I said..”You want to write Lord?”

As I sat down asking Him to finish about this little girl, I recognized the WORD all throughout the story. Because of this we have placed slightly hidden references of the scriptures with every turn of the page as an activity for girls to look up the scriptures for themselves. This book is not just for little girls…it is very relevant to big girls. You will be surprised at what He has to say to you…for He remembers the little girl He formed by His own hands in the womb.

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Shelly Wilson Ministries – There’s a Sound…
03May,16 Prev There’s a Sound… shelly From My Closet to Yours Poetry There’s a sound of Heavenly pouring Like a rain so tender and frail It’s more than words or mere lyrics Or a voice that’s singing a scale. ...
Shelly Wilson Ministries
Shelly Wilson Ministries – Cinderella
06Mar,16 Prev Next Cinderella shelly From My Closet to Yours Poetry …and with this I fall head over heels again……………………..:) A sweet message for the women at church today that God is a restorer of the little girls who ...
Shelly Wilson Ministries
Whatever He calls you to do you better go do it:-) @ShellyWilsonDQK 0 1
Whatever He calls you to do you better go do it:-) Comments David Ray Thank You Miss Shelly I really needed to hear Gods words and your heart this morning! Be Blessed in. Jesus ...Katherine Pemberton Robinson This video made me miss you more than your pictures do! Love you sistaSherridan Cox Brown What a blessing. Thank you for the message girly!Tracy Banks Well glory...preach on sister! By the way, you're not alone...I'm right there with you. "The cross before me, the world ...Julie LePelley Amen!! Shelly Wilson Ministries
Shelly Wilson Ministries – Flowers
30Apr,16 Prev Next Flowers shelly From My Closet to Yours, Latest News I have been so thrilled to get back outside with the Lord walking. I am finding it more difficult to sit still these days and it’s a ...
Shelly Wilson Ministries
The Spirit of a Prophet Leonard Ravenhill @ShellyWilsonDQK 0 0
Pentecost by L. Ravenhill
Lord Montgomery, that unpredictable British field Marshall, said recently that England went into the Second World War equipped to fight the First World War. This was a polite way of saying that in World War II England was way ...
Shelly Wilson Ministries
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Shelly Wilson Ministries added a new photo. Shelly Wilson Ministries
Timeline Photos
Shelly Wilson Ministries added a new photo. Shelly Wilson Ministries
Timeline Photos
Shelly Wilson Ministries added a new photo. Shelly Wilson Ministries
2 comments Angela Morgan 🙌🏻😍Kallee McCown Dream big....because you can't out dream God! 🙌🏼 shellywilsondqk
A Night at the Well
Fri, May 13 at 6:00 PM, Tyler, TX  - A Night at the Well  By: Refuge of Light The message will be centered around one word that the Lord confirmed for our gather.... "MOUNTAINS" Let's draw the water and see ... Shelly Wilson Ministries

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Speaking that which the Father places deep in Shelly’s heart has become to her what Ezekiel refers to as “a fire in the bones.” An evangelist at heart, God has uniquely gifted her with a transparent heart for sharing her life with Christ. Little is hidden as she pours the truth in God’s Word into the lives of those within hearing. Whether you are visiting her online podcast or a live event, her prayer is that all He has given her to go share will be poured out passionately in a way that reveals His loving heart of mercy and His desire for a bride made ready for His coming.


At an early age Shelly was drawn by music. When she surrendered her life to Christ and devoted all of her gifts and talents to Him, music was the first tool she used to share her testimony and life with Him. Soon He began giving her melodies and lyrics, although she does not play an instrument or read music. This became one of His most intimate ways with her and has proven one of her greatest joys. In this she is able to deliver His messages and heart cries through melodies and words that pierce the heart and soul.


What began as merely pouring out her intimate love for Christ has now become a focus of Shelly’s ministry.Through ponderings, poetry, and magazine publications she shares mountains, valleys, joys, and sufferings passionately penned to share the hope of Christ, the redemption of Christ, and the restoration of Christ. As Christ continues to reveal His messages to her, He now has expanded her borders into children’s books. She has learned the meaning of Ephesians 3:20, He will do immeasurably more than you could ever think or imagine..

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Shelly prayerfully considers invitations to be added to her travel schedule. She delights in sharing her life with Christ with others through music, poetry, and God’s Word. She has a tenderness of heart for the broken and a desire to reach the unreached with His love. For past speaking messages visit the speaker page.

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Shelly’s music and publications are tools to share Christ in a world that is quickly turning from Him. Her magazines have been used as tools of encouragement to many a stranger. Your purchases for yourself and friends sow a priceless seed into many lives. Become a miracle deliverer today.


Shelly ministers often in areas and places who are unable to provide travel and other expenses; Therefore, she operates as a missionary. If you would like to bless us as a partner, please click here to join her ministry mission team.